Stockings stuffers for kids

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Do you have your stockings hung up yet? I used to love the Christmas stocking tradition as a kid, so I decided to continue it for my own kids. Thinking back, I remember that I always got a stocking full of mostly candy when I was little.

These days, it takes more effort and money to fill a stocking. You don’t want to get your kids more little toys they don’t need and you don’t want to give them a bunch of sugar either. So, to make your Christmas shopping a bit easier, I’m sharing my list of 25 stocking stuffers for kids that are useful and cheap (and not candy)!

As I mentioned, these stocking stuffers for kids are all cheap ($10 and under) and are available on Amazon Prime with 1-2-day shipping if you procrastinated this Christmas (I certainly did). If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, you can always grab a free 30-day trial for the holidays here!

Now, let’s dive right in to my list…I’ve divided it up by category, so feel free to scroll through!

Crafting & Activity Fillers

As you can see, this is the largest section. That is because craft supplies can always be used and never feel like a wasteful purchase. So, I tend to mostly fill my stockings with these types of things.

1. Play Doh: Buy a variety pack, like this one, and divide it up between multiple stockings or even put some away to give the kids at another time. We’re always running out of Play Doh because it never gets closed properly and always gets dry.

2. Mini Notebooks: These are the perfect size for stockings and always get used. My daughter loves carrying hers around and making “notes.”

3. Watercolors: We love these Crayola ones because they’re easy to clean up and aren’t super messy.

4. Crayons: Try these twistable ones. You can also divide these up between stockings if you want.

5. Little Stamps: My kids love putting these stamps on their hands and making stamp pictures too. Toss a few in each stocking and you’re good to go.

6. Tape: My kids love these small rolls of tape because they’re colorful and fun to use for crafts!

7. Stickers: These come in individually wrapped sheets, so you can divide up as you please and even put some away for future craft projects.

8. Mini Coloring Books: These are super portable (for keeping kids entertained on the go) and small enough to fit in a stocking, a double win!

9. Fun Paintbrushes: We love this variety pack with all sorts of fun rollers and shapes!

10. Scented Markers: We don’t usually buy these, so they’re a nice surprise in the stocking!

11. Glitter Glue Pens: Perfect for crafts and not as messy as loose glitter! We tend to use these Crayola ones.

12. Roll of paper: Tired of using up all of your printer paper? Your kid can tear off what they need from this roll as often as they need to.

13. Imagine Ink Books: Pick your kids’ favorite characters here and they’ll love watching the colors appear on the page with the magic marker!

14. Dover Coloring & Activity Books: These books are small and cheap (usually under $2). From dot-to-dot to mazes to sticker scenes, you’ll find something your kid likes.


Disguising necessities as fun gifts is always a plus. You would probably buy these things anyway, but giving them in a stocking is better!

15. Lip Balm: I don’t about you guys, but my toddlers are always stealing my lip balm. Last year I put some in my daughter’s stocking and now she always carries it in her backpack! I prefer something natural, like Burt’s Bees.

16. Fun Socks: Kids actually love getting new socks if they’re fun like these!

Educational Stocking Stuffers

You can’t miss having a few educational activities in the stockings. It’s a great chance to sneak them in!

17. WikkiStix: WikkiStix are great for so many things! If your kid likes to practice making letters, you can use these!

18. Flash Cards: Whether your littles are learning shapes, numbers or letters, these Playskool flashcards will serve you well.

19. Mini Magnetic Drawing Boards: My kids play with these so often! My daughter now loves using them to practice writing!

Non-Junk Toy Stocking Stuffers

I don’t usually avoid toys, but I do try to carefully choose toys that will provide a lot of play time and will span different ages. Because of this, I’m confident the toys on this list won’t end up at the bottom of your toy box!

20. Small Cars: It does not matter how many cars they already have, my kids are always excited to get a new small car. They actually play with all of them, so I can’t complain. These are great because you can teach them about different types of vehicles (police car, fire truck, school bus, etc.).

21. Slinky: These old school toys are still just as fun for kids now. My 3 year old was amazed when he found one! I’m going to order him one of these O.G metal ones

22. Flashlights: My kids are always stealing my emergency flash light for shadow puppets and other unknown schemes, so this year I decided to get them their own. These seem perfect and I love that they are colorful!

23: Finger Puppets: Finger puppets are so much fun and definitely underrated! We really like these animal puppets and we always laugh together as we make our best animal sounds.

24: Fidget Toy: It always seems that it’s the most random things kids will play with for hours, right? These little fidget puzzles are a favorite for all ages in our house! The possibilities are endless with these things…


Last but not least, food! Just because you aren’t including any candy doesn’t mean you can’t sneak in a fave snack or two! The kids will be delighted that Santa knows their snacking preferences!

25. Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies: Get this box of individual packets and stick a few in each stocking. Not candy, but still a treat IMO!

Okay, that’s a wrap! Did you get some ideas to fill those stockings? Hopefully, I’ve helped you figure out some or all of your stocking stuffers for the kids! Do you have any favorite stocking stuffer ideas? I’d love to hear about them!

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