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Who knew rocks could be SO interesting?! I certainly did not appreciate or really care about rocks before having kids. Now my life is all about the rocks. I have not figured why rocks are so universally appealing for kids, but I do have 4 easy toddler activities for rock lovers!

Easy Toddler activities for rock lovers

1. Start a Rock Collection

This is definitely the easiest to execute! You just need a spare container to get started. Then, just start collecting your kid(s)’ favorite rocks from your parking lot, backyard or local playground. Your kid will love looking at and inspecting their rock collection again and again!

2. Do a Rock Dig at Home

At home rock excavation

I happened upon a National Geographic rock excavation kit while browsing on Amazon and decided to order it. I didn’t expect much, but the kids LOVED it! It kept them busy for hours as they scraped and dug at the clay to find the gemstones hidden inside.

There were 15 gems included and it even came with a little cleaning brush and magnifying glass! M-D and J-J still use those tools to inspect and clean their rock collections.

I put the whole block of clay in a box to minimize mess, but if you have a back yard, you could make the kids do this outside. I will definitely order this again as it was so easy for them to do on their own! If this seems like something your kid(s) would enjoy, get your kit here.

3. Go to a Museum with a Rock Exhibit

Exploring our local rock exhibit

To my surprise, this wasn’t too hard to find! I discovered that a lot of science museums have rock exhibits. We headed to the California Academy of Sciences since we live in San Francisco.

The museum’s rock collection was literally their favorite part of the whole outing. They even wanted to go back at the end of the day, but I had reached my rock viewing limits. I had no idea they would love looking at rocks they couldn’t even touch, but I definitely learned my lesson that day. A rock loving kiddo loves rocks in any and all forms…

4. Go Gem Mining

Family gem mining outing

I have SUCH fond memories of doing this as a child in the North Carolina mountains. I took the kids last time we visited and it was a hit for them as well! Basically, you pay for a pail of dirt, then pour it little by little into a sifter pan and rinse with water. The hope is that you’ll find some really cool gems in there. We found Rose Quartz, Topaz, Amethysts and more. It was so exciting for them to find their treasures.

More Ideas for Easy Toddler Activities for Rock Lovers

So these are my favorite easy toddler activities for rock lovers, but there are SO many you could try. There’s rock animals, rock painting, rock sensory bins and more. Hopefully you now have some ideas of what activities you can do to keep your rock lover happy! I think our next activity will be to make some rock people with googly eyes and hair…

Do you have any favorite rock activities? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below! If you’re looking for some more easy activities to do with your toddler, check out my posts on coloring pages or easy fall crafts!

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