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How to Teach Your Kids to Cook - Full Spread

This post is a bit of a two-for-one deal…You can learn how to teach your kids to cook AND also get another easy dinner to add to your rotation! A Silly Supper (or breakfast for dinner) is such an easy meal to make with kids!

My kids think it is SO fun to have breakfast for dinner. It’s a super flexible meal that you can tweak based on your own likes. The best part is that toddlers can help out with ALL of the preparation.

M-D and J-J LOVE helping in the kitchen! They even have their own little aprons and chef hats that their grandma made for them.

Chef Apron and Hat

How to Teach Kids to Cook

Once the kids are ready, we get started! Here’s how I involve the kids in cooking:

Scrambled Eggs

For this meal, we do a basic scrambled egg, nothing fancy. Kids are perfectly capable of helping to whip the eggs, adding in the milk (if you like adding milk to your scrambled eggs) and adding the salt and pepper. I just pre-measure out those things so they can dump it into the bowl.

I’m not ready to let them crack the eggs yet, but your kids may be! I’ll leave that up your judgment. Once the pan is heated and we’ve poured in the eggs, I’ll let them stir the eggs in the pan with the spatula. They love this, but this step takes very close monitoring unless your kids are a little older.


We almost always make pancakes with this meal. My son and baby LOVE pancakes, but my older daughter usually just picks at hers. Still, she loves to help make them. Kids can help pour ingredients into the mixing bowl and stir everything up. I always do the actual cooking of the pancakes myself.

Because I like to make healthy substitutions where I can, we usually make the pancakes from scratch, but this last time we tried a mix. I chose this Simple Mills Almond Flour Pancake Mix. I really love that it is only slightly sweetened with coconut sugar!

It ended up being a hit with my little customers and definitely less messy for them to help with. We’ll be using it again in the future!


Lastly, we always include fruit. I’m lucky that my kids love almost any fruit, but we usually have berries or bananas. I give my kids their special little knifes (we have this cutlery set) and let them roughly cut up their own fruit. And that is pretty much it!

Ready to Try Your Own Silly Supper?

Hopefully this post has made you feel ready to start teaching your kids to cook and excited about a new toddler friendly meal to add to your repertoire!

What is your favorite “Silly Supper” idea? I’m ready to try a breakfast burrito or breakfast hash to mix things up, but we’ll see if the little customers allow that!

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