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Being that it’s winter in a lot of places and we’re having a particularly bad flu season, I thought I’d share my list of things I always keep in my medicine cabinet for baby. However, this list applies for toddlers as well.

After 5 years of colds, tummy aches, ear infections, teething and more, I have learned what to ALWAYS keep in stock for when disaster strikes. If you maintain a baby and toddler medicine cabinet, it will make unexpected illness just a little less stressful! All of the items on my list can be purchased on Amazon if you need them quickly and don’t have time to head to the store.

Also, to make sure you have all of the baby medicine essentials you need, I’ve created this FREE Baby Medicine Cabinet checklist. Now, here is my full list:

General Medicines

1. Tylenol – I literally buy Children’s Tylenol by the jumbo pack at Costco these days. It’s good for fevers and just general pain relief from teething, headache, whatever may be ailing your little one. (If you’re in the UK, this is the same as Paracetamol or Calpol).

2. Children’s Motrin/Ibuprofen – Sometimes, Tylenol just doesn’t cut it and isn’t working to bring down a fever. In comes Motrin to save the day! It is also better if you’re trying to reduce inflammation.

For example, our littlest had Tonsillitis and the ped suggested Motrin over Tylenol to give her little tonsils and throat some relief. Just listen to your instincts on which to use.

You can also use both together (Tylenol and Motrin) for those really bad fever situations. Just stick to the suggested dosage spacing for each.

3. Ashton & Parsons Teething Powders – These teething powders are imported from the UK, but I cannot live without them! They are IMO the BEST teething relief on the market.

My youngest is getting her molars in right now, but is still peacefully sleeping through the night because I give her two packets of this powder right before bed. She happily opens her mouth for it and even says “More, More!”

4. Children’s Pepto – So this is for age 2 and up only, but you’ll definitely want some once your kiddo has reached that age. They come in chewable tablets and are good for any sort of tummy discomfort.

5. Elderberry syrup or gummies – There isn’t much scientific proof on this one, but a lot of people swear that elderberry boosts immunity and helps to get over colds quicker.

I’ve been giving my kids these gummies (because they did NOT like the syrup) and I feel like they have gotten sick a lot less and less intensely as well. It says 2 years and up on the bottle, but use your discretion. It’s all natural and I have been giving my almost 18 month old a half one each day.

Cold & Cough Medicines

6. Zarbee’s Cough Syrup – I just love Zarbees! It’s all natural, so you can actually give it to your littles. This one does contain honey though, so only give after 1 year.

7. Zarbee’s Nighttime Cough SyrupThis is another product that’s for 2 and up. It is actually great because it does help with the cough, but it also contains Melatonin, which helps those sick kiddos stay asleep a little better.

8. Saline Spray – Saline spray helps clear those stuffy little nasal passages and loosens up the snot in there so you can get it out. It’s hard to actually get it in there, but helps tremendously if you do. I like these.

9. Nose FridaThe Nose Frida is my best friend when I’ve got a snotty kid. It sounds and looks so gross to a non-parent because you’re essentially sucking snot out with your mouth, but you have a zero percent chance of the snot getting to you. It goes in a little tube you have to clean out after.

I pair the Nose Frida with the Saline Spray and am able to clear up the stuffy noses quite a bit!

10. Olbas Oil – I actually had not heard of Olbas oil until I was living in Scotland for a few months, but it works wonders for coughs and stuffy noses. You put a couple dots of it on baby’s shirt or sheets (near head) before bed and that’s it!

11. Baby Vicks Rub – My kids actually ask for this stuff when they can’t breathe through their noses…I rub it on their neck, chest and feet. If you put it on the feet, put socks on them.

Miscellaneous Essentials

12. Character Band-Aids – I don’t know why, but kids are way more comforted by a cute Band-Aid when they get hurt than just a plain one. I keep Frozen and Mickey ones in my house and diaper bag at all times.

13. A quality thermometer – Last, but not least, invest in a good thermometer. When your little one is sick, you don’t want an inaccurate thermometer. You want to know exactly how high that fever is. Here’s my list of some with the best reviews!

Other Tips for Creating Your Medicine Cabinet for Baby

So, now you’re ready to create your medicine cabinet for baby! If you keep these things I have suggested, you will always feel prepared. I store my baby and toddler items separate from all the adult meds and out of reach of the kids for safety.

One more thing that I didn’t include because you likely already have one is a First Aid Kit. If you don’t have one, get one ASAP. Hopefully you won’t need it, but I have had to use mine a few times. I have a little one in my diaper bag and a larger one in the house.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I’ve left something out that you can’t live without!

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