How to Make Your Own Veggie Buddha Bowl

I am SO excited to write this post because this recipe literally checks ALL of the boxes! Easy, kid friendly, adult friendly and Insta story worthy. I’m sure you’re giving me some serious side eye right about now, but your days of eating bland pasta sauces and dinosaur nuggets for dinner are over Mama (well […]

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A Silly Supper: Breakfast for Dinner

A “Silly Supper” is such an easy meal to make with your kids! My kids think it is SO fun to have breakfast for dinner. It is a super flexible meal that you can tweak based on your own likes. The best part is that my toddlers can help out with the preparation. M-D and J-J […]

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Mean Momming: When Momming is Hard

Have you ever had one of those days? Moms you know what I’m talking about…One of those days where despite best intentions and carefully made plans, your kids are just not having it. A day where you are just downright embarrassed, both of your kids’ behavior and your own reactions. One of those days where […]

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